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Here you will find all videos, flyers and assembly instructions relating to our new downpipe bracket.

Product information downpipe holder

Product information downpipe bracket part 1

Product information downpipe bracket part 2

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Assembly instructions

Assembly instructions for 2-part downpipe bracket

For new buildings and roof renovations

Assembly instructions 3-part downpipe bracket

Adapter for existing downpipe systems

Technical data


  • Light source (LED) integrated
  • Luminous flux 94 Lumen - optional dimmable
  • Nominal voltage 230 V / 350 mA / power 2.4 W
  • Transformer (external)


  • Pipe diameter: RG87
  • 105x50x130mm (2 parts)
  • 120x50x130mm (3 parts)
  • Pipe diameter: RG100
  • 115x50x140mm (2 parts)
  • 130x50x140mm (3 parts)
  • Pipe diameter: RG120
  • 135x50x160mm (2 parts)
  • 150x50x160mm (3 parts)

Additional information

  • Multi-part downpipe bracket for attaching a downpipe to a building. The Ambiente TYP003 and TYP004 are delivered with LED technology. If you decide on variant Ambiente (TYP003/4), consult an electrician for your own safety.
    • 1st variant (2-part): For new buildings and roof renovations
    • 2nd variant (3-part): For existing downpipe systems
    • Suitable for downpipes between 2-6 cm wall clearance
    • Special solutions possible on request